First leg

Proverbs 16:9 We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.
That sums up the first day of travel. After I was finally allowed to leave work, (BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF MY WORK PEEPS WHO MADE THAT HAPPEN!!!) I stopped to look for something at one last store. As I was about to leave, slightly disappointed that I didn’t find it, a sale shelf caught my eye and the book “Jesus Calling” was on sale. I thought it to be God telling me to keep my focus. So, I purchased it. Unfortunately, it was in a bag that got left behind in the car, so I will probably get the kindle version once we have Wi-Fi☺. If you are looking and listening, God will speak to you and guide you.

We started out leaving more than an hour later than we planned. We drove to Rio so Trevor could drive us to Chicago, and we still arrived in plenty of time for the check in. Thank you Trevor for everything! Because we checked in online, instead of waiting in the long winding line, we had a line with just 1 person ahead of us. As we were heading for security, the line we had been in was now also long. Once through security, we had enough time to grab a quick bite and settle some nerves that were getting to Rebecca. Our first flight
left about 30 minutes late, and except for about 2 hours of turbulence and the seat belt sign being on, has been good. We are 10.5 hours into the flight as I am writing, and just over 2.5 until we should land. Hopefully I will be able to get Wi-Fi at the airport so I can post this.

Thompson’s 3 almost in India🌈

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