Overwhelming, humbling, amazing, etc, etc, etc

And that was just the car ride. They basically use horns constantly for drivers to communicate, and the lines they have on the roads are solely for appearances. But, thankfully we have been blessed with skilled drivers who have kept us safe.
Last night we were taken to the children’s home for a grand opening of the 2nd floor. It was complete with showers of flower petals, lights, fire works, welcoming smiles, impromptu ribbon cutting ceremonies, and an unexpected lesson presented by Don. Since this was my first visit, I will trust the guys who said a lot has changed since last year. The building is beautiful and now includes a church. I will try to post some pictures later when I get a better grip on internet.
Plans seem to change quickly and frequently, I think they are, in reality, much like the white lines in the road. Rose and Elnora went to speak at the ladies conference with Don going to lead the preacher’s training class while Tyler, Becca, and I rested. Then when they returned, Tyler, Becca, Ron, and I went and I lead a class, followed by a short lesson from Kumari and then Raja and Tyler joined us and each have a message. Several ladies responded and desire to be baptized. Kumari will study with them further and they may be baptized yet this evening.  We are now back at the hotel resting again and will soon go to have super.
Finally in India,
Thompson’s 3

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