December 30, 2016–Let Us Begin

Friday was our first day of meetings.  We went to a congregation that was in a town past Jakkumpudi (which is where Elnora Children’s Home is located). We were again warmly welcomed.  While I spoke with the ladies inside the church building, Josh went to a nearby home and spoke with the youth.  They were all very attentive to the messages we were sharing.  After both of our meetings, everyone came into the building and Tyler shared a message with everyone.

Afterwards, we were able to stay and visit. Every woman came up to me and said “My name is” as clear as could be, they had obviously been practicing for us. Unfortunately, once they got to their names they said them so quickly that I wasn’t able to understand them.

As we were meeting people, we were privileged to be asked to pray for many.

After this meeting, we returned to the hotel to rest. Then that evening, Josh went out with Raja, Kumari, and their nephew to another meeting.There are so many opportunities.  I wish the trip wasn’t so long that it tired us out so much when we get there.  Raja is very kind and allows us time to rest, but also schedules meetings very efficiently.  The numbers who show up to listen to God’s Word, and the distances they travel are amazing!




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