Welcome to 2017

We packed up everything and checked out of the hotel, and then went to Jakkumpudi for worship with the saints and the children at Elnora Children’s Home.  Even though everyone was tired from a late night, they were eager to hear messages from God’s Word.


Tyler gave the first lesson, then a lesson from Josh, and then a lesson from Raja. Being with the family in Jakkumpudi is always one of my favorite places to be in India, and this being my 2nd trip, it was amazing to see how the children have grown, both physically & spiritually.  After the lessons were done and we finished visiting with everyone, the meeting room cleared out, and we were joined by several children. We talked for awhile and then we gave them a soccer ball we had brought. Timothy took charge of pumping it up, but was not impressed by the small pump I had brought.  After several attempts/failures, I went to help them and began pumping it up with the pump I had brought…when they saw it was working so well, they took over and did a fine job.  We were told that we should have brought 2 because the girls play with one and the boys another, and the boys always seem to take the best one:). Josh tossed the ball back and forth between the boys and then the girls.  Kumari was off preparing lunch for us, so we took a self guided tour of the construction.  I will post the video in the comments section of this blog post on Facebook because I am only able to post photo’s in the actual blog.  It became obvious that there was a game going on in the meeting room.  The girls had wisely left and the boys were playing a rough game of keep away.  It was fun to watch. If I find the video of that, I will also post it in the comment section.

After a delicious lunch from Kumari, we said our goodbye’s and started traveling.

First we stopped to bless and open a hospital.  One of Raja’s cousins is a doctor, and his brother is a lab tech.  Tyler offered a prayer of blessing, and I did the ribbon cutting.  We sat and visited for a short time and had some refreshments, then back in the van.

We dropped Sinduja off at college and then began our 6 hour drive to Visakhapatanam(from here on, it will be referred to as Visag–as the locals call it).  We arrived at our hotel, The Dolphin, around 10:30 p.m.  We made our plans for the next day and went to our rooms.  We were anxious for daylight to see the city.



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